About us

As an impact of globalization of world economy and finances, many entrepreneurs are compelled to think about future strategies and emerging markets. One of the most important aspect is, to develop business relations and make investments in economically suitable located Asian countries with a fast economical growth of more than ten percent. At present India is playing a major role not only due to liberalization of economical rules through the Indian Government since 1990, also because of the political reliability and a fast growing modern technological development. Generally the contacts for business relationship between two companies are taking place in economic meetings, or international industrial or trade fairs etc. It is very often a time and money consuming venture to come to a successful deal. Only the multinational companies could establish in business through their political and economic influence where as for the small and middle sized companies, it was a weary undertaking.

We "Reddy Consulting" in Germany and "Reddy Consulting Inc." in India, have set an objective to lead such business endeavors to success, through prior coordination and consulting the Interested companies to find suitable partners. Moreover we render in India all sorts of services as business consultant, personal recruitment consultant and as project consultant, with the motto "Plan to Success".

After the successful negotiation, we are also available for any of your companies requirements, either it is project management, to source manpower, machines, find suitable location or any other needs. According to the needs and necessities of our clients we operate together with our partner companies in India, which posses a long term experience. Our clients belong to different branches like food and beverage industry, Machine and electrical industry and IT Technology.

At present we are anticipating a strong demand for Information technology, therefore we are very keen of participating in IT Technology, especially in enforcing IT projects in India and recruiting IT- professionals issues for the German market. At present India is holding, a very high standard of IT Technology and a number highly specialized experts at a very reasonable prices. An important advantage of Reddy Consulting is the long term experience of the CE "in IT- Technology, especially in ERP solutions and Internal enterprise organization" in German speaking European countries (see enclosure: Personal CV of CE), and a good connection to India. In addition to that we have a competent and highly qualified staff in Hyderabad and Bangalore ( present Hitech cities ) in India at your disposal.