I possess a total experience of 29 years (3 years as chemist, 5 years as working student and 21 years in Information Technology ), and was rendering my services in different positions for more than 100 companies in Europe ( especially in Germany , Austria and Switzerland). The companies belonged to various branches.

For example: Machine Manufacturing Industry, OEM-Partners of Automobile Industry, large-scale Building Material Suppliers, Metal Processing Industry, Plant Manufacturing Industry, small, middle and large-scale Trading Companies, Electronic and Electro technical Industry and Consumer Goods Manufacturers.

Just for reference, I like to give you the names of some companies below.



AII-Seitz, Pforzheim

Fels-Werke (Preussag Gruppe), Goslar

Vemag Maschinenbau, Verden

Sonax, Neuburg a. d. Donau

Dick GmbH, Deizisau

RFF, Bremen

Deutsche Telekom (Zentraler Service Hannover / Elmshorn)

Reum AG, Hardheim

Rahmer + Jansen, Werdohl


Electrovac, Klosterneuburg/Wien

Unitech, Kirchdorf

Head Sport AG, Bregenz

Stellrad, Wien


Alu Menziken Gruppe, Menziken

Lista Gruppe, Erlen